Hi, I’m
Kimberly Corson, PhD.

Life coach. Change coach. Life changer.

Change hasn’t always been easy for me, but when the life-shifting changes started hitting me one after the other, I quickly realized I had no choice but to figure out how to adapt instead of react.

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I’m A psychologist,
but with the heart of a coach.

Or maybe I’m a life coach with the brain of a psychologist. Either way, I have a PhD in Human Development and Family Studies from Texas Tech University and am a Certified Family Life Educator through the National Council on Family Relations. That’s a mouthful, but still doesn’t say a lot about me and my approach to change coaching.

My training as a developmental psychologist allows me to work with individuals to help them find their purpose, to increase levels of balance and mindfulness in their lives and families, and to improve productivity and find their passion – all from a foundation in behavioral science. That means that working together, we can create real and lasting change in the way you handle change.

As a coach, I am there to equip, encourage, and inspire teachers, leaders, parents, and people just like you.

Change happens.
But struggle doesn’t have to.

Change can take us by surprise. It can knock us off our feet. Change is a part of life, and resilience is the key to taking it in stride.

Ways I can help


Transitioning in or out of relationships, finding peace in the one you’re in, and learning to care for yourself are some of the transitions that my clients find most painful. By identifying the source of the struggle, and learning resilience, these changes can be managed with grace and dignity in a way that can seem impossible.


Recovering from burnout, transitioning into a brand new career in midlife, and changing the way you show up at work to make that promotion you’ve been dreaming about a reality are issues that can trip up even the most adept professional. Learning resilience and adaptability can help you take the right steps to creating a work life you can live with, and maybe even love. 


Accepting a new role as caregiver as your own parents age, becoming a more connected parent as your toddler moves toward tweendom, and learning to thrive – and helping your child thrive – as a coparent after divorce may seem like impossible changes, but change coaching and learning resilience can bring what seems out of reach within reach. 

Coaching packages big and small

If you're ready to change how you manage change, we can work together to develop the plan and package that's right for you.