I’m Dr. Kimberly Corson, PhD

Change hasn’t always been easy for me, but when life-shifting changes started hitting me one after the other, I quickly realized I had no choice but to figure out how to adapt instead of react.


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Dr. Kimberly Corson - Professional Coach

Like many high-achievers, I spent most of my time living my life outside of myself.

I planned for the future so much that I missed the moments that were happening right in front of me and I was so caught up striving to be the ultimate student, educator, executive, friend, and daughter that I found myself in a never-ending cycle of future-planning and betterment. I felt like I was stuck in a life that seemed exciting on the outside, but somehow never left me satisfied. 

When both of my parents passed away within months of each other, I found myself unable to hold onto the life of life that I’d been creating. The cracks in my happiness facade were starting to show and I began to recognize how important it was to face my fears and truly search for the path that would lead me where my passion wanted me to go.

At first, I searched for the solution in the same place as many high achievers. The corporate world seemed familiar, comforting, and safe, so I took a C-level executive position at a new company that promised a noteworthy title and a bit of prestige. It wasn’t long before I discovered that the place where I’d landed was incredibly toxic and I left feeling betrayed, beaten, and heartbroken. However, this was the final push that I needed to start on my true path. 

It was only after having everything that felt safe and familiar taken away, that I opened myself up to what I’d wanted all along. I stepped into the role of an entrepreneur, following my dream of opening my own business and finally reconnecting with my inner voice. Instead of thinking of my work as a single occupation, I discovered that what I had to offer the world was a range of skills that could help other people reconnect with their inner voice and discover the path that had been waiting for them all along. 

By facing my imposter voice, my inner critic, my self-doubt, and my feelings of not-quite fitting into the professional world of my chosen career, by finally accepting that I had no one to impress but myself, I finally found my way. 

And so can you.


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Life Coaching

Let go of long-held fears and anxieties, embrace your creativity, cultivate stronger relationships with friends and family, and learn to love and embrace your authentic self. By identifying the source of your struggle, seeking acceptance, and learning resilience, you can finally embody and embrace the best version of you.

Leadership Coaching

Recover from burnout, successfully navigate a new promotion, or learn how to lead, inspire, and nurture a productive team. Learning resilience and adaptability can not only help you develop a work life you can live with, but one you can maybe even love.

Change Coaching

Transition into or out of a career, navigate the beginning or end of a relationship, manage company-wide change, or receive guidance for big life moments like the loss of a loved one or a move across the country. Change can be hard, but having a guide can help.

High Performance Coaching

Banish performance anxiety, prevent burnout, and rediscover the joy of high-performance. Athletes and performers know there’s a delicate balance between pushing to the limits and going beyond them into burnout. Remove mental and emotional blocks to achieve peak performance while prioritizing self-care.

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