The Retreat Program

For executives and solopreneurs who long for a week-long retreat but can’t find the time and professionals who need a space to just “be” instead of “do.” For any leader who wants to awaken their creative Self in order to gain new perspectives and inner wisdom for problem-solving. Enjoy a combination of 1:1 coaching and a network of like-minded leaders from different disciplines to cultivate ideas and gain support, guidance, and inspiration


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Experience a Personalized Place to Move Through Change

The retreat membership is set up along the metaphor of a boutique hotel–a unique and personalized place to “stay” while you navigate your journey of change. It has a lounge for networking and happy hours, a studio for guided meditation, yoga, and creative workshops, and nooks for 1:1 coaching.

For 2023, we will be focusing on how developmental psychology can help you become a more intentional and authentic leader with topics that include: Trust, Autonomy, Initiative, Persistence, Identity, Relationships, Generativity, and Integrity.

Are you ready to experience true change?


What Does The Retreat Program Cover?

16 Group Sessions

8 online “lounge” sessions that combine group coaching and networking opportunities and 8 “studio” sessions–online workshops and classes for relaxation and creativity.

Seasonal Gift Boxes

Receive gift boxes in the mail that are personalized for your particular journey. Examples include professional books, journals, and self-care items to help you on your journey.

Monthly Coaching

If you’ve ever hired a personal trainer, you know the power of accountability. Together we can commit to your goals and the time it takes to achieve them.

Birthday Jungian Coaching Session

Dig deeper into your unconscious mind with a tarot or oracle reading or upgrade to an in-person gathering at a chosen point during the coaching year.

End of Year Retreat At-Home Workbook

A do-it-yourself retreat guide that gives you the tools to explore deeper on your own. A major step towards self-reliance and self-mastery.

A Special Gift For You


Don’t miss out on these beautiful, personalized gift boxes filled with items to help you advance in your journey of self-discovery. From professional books to journals to items meant to help you elevate your self-care rituals and routines, these gift boxes are great reminders to refocus on and replenish the self throughout the year. 


$9000 Per Year

2023’s theme will focus on Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development and how they impact your business and personal life. Erikson maintained that our personalities develop through eight stages of psychosocial development (e.g., trust, autonomy, integrity). During each stage, we experience a psychosocial “crisis,” or thresholds where we enter new growth territory. In our sessions, we’ll look at how your business and leadership style go through similar stages and how you can cross these thresholds with more ease and understanding.