The Alchemy Lab

When your cohort graduates from the Liminal Space program, you have the option of joining the Alchemy Lab, a space where you can put what you learned in the previous year into practice. Essentially, this is the grad school of transformation.


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Dive Deeper Into Differentiation and Transformation

Jung tapped into the ancient principles of alchemy to help individuals with personal transformation. We will use some of those same metaphors, along with new archetypes from literature and folklore to continue the transformation from the Shadow into the whole self. 

Members will actually conduct mini-experiments in their own life. This is not a passive program by any means. It requires courage and curiosity. Members will be putting themselves out there every day as they move through the alchemy process.

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What Does The Alchemy Lab Program Cover?

Monthly Group Mini-Retreats

Enjoy these combined workshops and group coaching sessions that help to deepen your understanding and elevate your experience. 

Personalized Activities

Receive activities, meditations, and journal prompts for the season to help you make the most of your coaching experience.

Monthly 1:1 Coaching

If you’ve ever hired a personal trainer, you know the power of accountability. Together we can commit to your goals and the time it takes to achieve them.

Annual Tarot or Event

Enjoy a birthday oracle or tarot reading or upgrade to an in-person celebration at the end of the lab year to mark your cohort’s hard work and success.

Flexible payment plans to suit your needs

Once you graduate from the Liminal Space program, you’ll find out pricing for this next step. Book a call with me, and let’s discuss how to get started.