The Liminal Space Program

Maybe you’re in the midst of unexpected change or an age-related shift. Or maybe everything is going beautifully in your life on the outside, but inside, you feel like something is missing and you have no idea what that something is. Times like these can leave us feeling very alone, so this space was built to give you a sense of community with people who understand what you’re going through.


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You Don’t Have to Navigate the Unknown Alone

During this year, we will be framing this phase of your life as a journey or adventure, working with discovering the internal archetypes that make up your inner wisdom, and learning how to use your strengths and values to navigate change and uncertainty. Graduates from this program begin exploring The Alchemy Lab (like a grad school of transformation).

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What Does The Liminal Space Program Cover?

Monthly Group Sessions

Enjoy these combined workshops and group coaching sessions that help to deepen your understanding and elevate your experience. .

Personalized Activities

Receive activities, meditations, and journal prompts for the season to help you make the most of your coaching experience.

Monthly 1:1 Coaching

If you’ve ever hired a personal trainer, you know the power of accountability. Together we can commit to your goals and the time it takes to achieve them.

Birthday Oracle or Tarot

Enjoy a birthday oracle or tarot reading as part of your membership. 

Flexible Payment Plans to Suit Your Needs

Pay yearly to receive a discount or pay monthly to space out payments throughout the year