Change can be hard,
but it doesn’t have to be.

Transition or change coaching can teach you the power of resilience, allowing you to care for yourself even as you care for others, build your career, and lead your family to joy.

Change is constant.

But the struggle doesn’t have to be.

From distracted parent,
to the support your child needs.

Nobody said parenting was ever easy, but the distractions of screens, constant work emails, and the stress of 21st century demands are relentless. Learn resilience and share that skill with the folks who need you most: your kids.

From taken care of,
to caregiver.

Learning to be the support your aging parent requires in his or her time of greatest need is grueling and often unappreciated work. Learning to care for yourself so that you can care for them can be transformational.

From burnout,
to master of your own second act.

Burnout is a real challenge, and the burden of moving through the daily grind can be dispiriting. Learn the art of confidence to build your capacity for resilience and master the comeback for a more satisfying career. 

Hi! I’m Kimberly Corson, PhD.

Wellness Coach. Change Coach. Life Changer.

Not all coaches are created – or trained – equally. My background in behavioral science and human development and family studies allows me to guide you through the challenges you’re facing in a way that will allow you to create real and lasting transformations.

Are you ready to change how you handle change?

Resilience and change-ability can be taught, but our work will be most helpful for you if you’ve laid the right groundwork. Opening your heart and mind to the possibility of transformation is key. Are you ready?

Highly, highly recommend.

I love the way Kim works! I appreciate her mentality, our conversations and I always look forward to meeting with her. 🙂 Highly, highly recommend her for peace of mind.

-Dr. Bhakti Patel

Guiding without being overbearing.

What a great get together, Dr. Corson! It was great learning the science behind vision boards. And I love how you guided us without being overbearing. I hope you have many future events! 

-Pam F. 


Dr. Kimberly, you inspire me!


Unexpected and perfect

I didn’t expect to be here, and it was a great event! Sometimes you have to take special time for you and set your goals, and the event was perfect! 2020 here I come. Thank you, Dr. Kim.

I can be creative!

Thank you for hosting this event. It’s been great, and I learned I can be creative! Can’t wait to participate in more events. Fun <3

Self-Paced Courses are AWESOME!

Dr. Kim, your courses are awesome. They allow for both introspection and interaction. For only child introverts like myself, I often think and self-search better in solitude, but I need community/people for improvement. Your courses provide both.



Knowledgeable Resource

Dr. Kim is a very knowledgeable resource. I highly recommend her mini courses to start. She can help guide you in the right direction and provides excellent insight for your personal situation. Her observations and suggestions can help you get back on track. 



Struggles Lead to Opportunity

I have been struggling lately with the pandemic, but it has had an interesting effect on my current and future career goals. Perhaps for a lot of people this extra thinking and breathing time has led to me really focusing in on my goals. The exercises Dr. Kim gives me really help to fine tune what is important to me and how that translates into which opportunities to pursue.

–Anonymous Client

Helping your teen develop self-control

Helping your teen develop self-control

Response inhibition is the ability to think before you leap. It starts to develop in infancy and really plays a role in helping all the executive skills develop. As a teen, it can be hard to have self-control, but there are ways to practice the skills.

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