Change can be hard,
but it doesn’t have to be.

Learn to embrace change, harness the power of resilience, and navigate life’s biggest moments with joy and ease.


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Life and Family Coaching - Dr. Kimberly Corson

Hi! I’m Kimberly Corson, PhD.

Executive Coach, Leadership Coach,

& Catalyst for Change.

I’m a developmental psychologist, podcaster, and leadership coach that specializes in guiding high-achieving clients through transformational moments in their life and career. My approach combines both my PhD in developmental psychology and Master’s Degree in literature and creative writing for a uniquely effective blend of art and science that helps people tune into their thoughts and emotions, reconnect with their inner voice, manage fear, and embark on a healthy, balanced path to success.

Highly, highly recommend.

I love the way Dr. Kim works! I appreciate her mentality, our conversations and I always look forward to meeting with her. 🙂 Highly, highly recommend her for peace of mind.

-Dr. Bhakti Patel

Operating at a Different Level

The experience with Dr. Kim has been amazing – it has really helped me in my work as an Executive VP.  I appreciate the ability to share and just ideate while she digs in with her questions and insights.  I am operating at a different level than I was before and am contributing greatly to the success of my company while increasing my satisfaction.

-Fortune 250 Executive Client

Igniting my Imagination

The exercises Dr. Kim gives are things I never thought about before. They ignited a part of my brain and imagination that I don’t ever put to use. Her coaching has actually made a huge difference in the way I manage projects and is a reminder to keep an open mind about how creative I can be.

-Fortune 500 Leadership Client

Inspiring Others to Think Bigger

I see Dr. Kim’s coaching as really helping me in my own questions of others.  I have improved my own listening and being in the moment as a leader, during a time of complete unknowns.  I’ve learned how to inspire others to think bigger. And she’s helped with my goal setting work – how to turn what was historically highly quantitative to highly qualitative was exciting and empowering.
-Fortune 250 Executive Client

Helping me "in the moment"

The “in the moment” phrases we’ve worked on have been life-changing for me. I went from freezing during a stressful moment to knowing what to say or do to cope. I look at them all the time (on post-it notes, on my work computer) and think about them constantly, both during work and any other time that seems hard in the moment. I’m so thankful for Dr. Kim.
—Leadership Client, Fortune 500

A huge breakthrough

I’ve seen a lot of growth in my overall ability to see myself and the world around me through a clearer lens. I am less afraid, more at peace, and much less judgmental of those who don’t agree with my perspective in life. My spirituality and faith have increased. I’m feeling my emotions so much more–the whole spectrum of emotions–and I feel grateful for them. I feel like I’m on the verge of a huge breakthrough.

–Nonprofit Founder and The Liminal Space Participant


Knowledgeable Resource

Dr. Kim is a very knowledgeable resource. I highly recommend her hybrid coaching groups. She can help guide you in the right direction and provides excellent insight for your personal situation. Her observations and suggestions can help you get back on track.

–Musician and Group Coaching Participant


Struggles Lead to Opportunity

I have been struggling lately with the pandemic, but it has had an interesting effect on my current and future career goals. Perhaps for a lot of people this extra thinking and breathing time has led to me really focusing in on my goals. The exercises Dr. Kim gives me really help to fine tune what is important to me and how that translates into which opportunities to pursue.

–Artist and One-On-One Client


Reignite your joy and creativity!

From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

Learn to find joy in change and experience transitional moments with excitement rather than fear. Discover how to navigate life’s biggest challenges and responsibilities with a sense of anticipation rather than dread.

From Self Criticism to Self Compassion

End the stress cycle of perfectionism that keeps you feeling defeated as you chase unrealistic expectations that keep you from achieving your real goals. Learn to give yourself compassion, and watch your confidence and motivation rise.

From Burnout to Inspired Leader

Burnout is a real challenge, and the burden of moving through the daily grind can be dispiriting. Learn to build your own capacity for resilience or inspire your team to create a more satisfying career.

From Stage Fright to Center Stage

Whether you’re an athlete, performer, or a combination of the two, you know that the drive to succeed and fierce competition can take its toll. Learn to find balance, embrace self-care, and enjoy the journey to becoming the best you can be.

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High Achievers can be broken down into different archetypes, each with their own strengths and vulnerabilities. Find out your High Achiever archetype and which coaching program might be the most beneficial for you!

Wise and Wild

Wise and Wild

In this online group experience, you’ll learn ways to reframe the midlife crisis as a rewilding. You’re being called to reconnect with the Wise and Wild Woman within–to find out what she has to tell you about the values, beliefs, and opinions you’ve unconsciously absorbed from others throughout your life (such as the patriarchy), forgetting what truly lights up your Soul. Using a “summer camp” vibe, I’ll guide you through 6 different archetypal stories to help tuning inward feel like play

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How “Should” Keeps You Overwhelmed (and what to do about it)

How “Should” Keeps You Overwhelmed (and what to do about it)

The problem with shoulds is that they impose restrictive rules and disappointment on ourselves. We imply that something is inherently wrong with ourselves, and applying that shame can lead to low self-confidence and even depression. Spiraling in should shame keeps you locked in a loop of constantly needing to prove yourself through overwork. Eventually, you find yourself struggling to maintain the look of excellence, while inside you’re struggling to hold it all together. The result is complete imbalance and feeling pulled in every direction (but peace). You end up being oppressive rather than compassionate. 

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Shadow Work from the Ground(hog) Up

Shadow Work from the Ground(hog) Up

In this imaginative event, Gertie the Groundhog will take you deep into her burrow to teach you how she handles seeing her own shadow. Like Phil, she also dives down when she sees her shadow, but she uses that time to face her fears and really do the inner work. Six more weeks of winter is the perfect time to get still and really transform. So she’s the mascot for our training (I’m just the facilitator), and she’ll help you get answers to questions like: What is shadow work? Is shadow work scary?

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