High-Performance Coaching

Banish performance anxiety, prevent burnout, and rediscover the joy of high-performance. Athletes and performers know there’s a delicate balance between pushing to the limits and going beyond them into burnout. Remove mental and emotional blocks to achieve peak performance while prioritizing self-care.


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Learn How to Achieve Peak Performance Without Burnout

Recover from burnout, rediscover the joy of the game, and banish perfectionism. Driven high-performers frequently let high expectations and the need for improvement steal the joy from their passion. 

Learn to silence self-criticism, embrace the journey rather than obsessing over the goal, and tune into your body’s inner wisdom to now and surpass your limits in a healthy way. 

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What Does Performance Coaching Cover?


Whether you’re worried about the big game or just trying to get a PR as a Weekend Warrior, performance coaching can give you the mental skills and support you need to shine. In our sessions, we’ll work on mindset, focus, confidence, and dealing with criticism using a combination of research based tools, imagination, and emotional support.


Music, Dance, Art, Writing–whatever your field, coaching can help you with your next big project. You’ll learn to incorporate balance into your life to better deal with the demands and pressures that come with creating (especially the pressure we put on ourselves). Coaching can also keep you inspired so you can work through those creative blocks that come up a little too often. You’ll learn how to have fun in your work again, producing what you love, with more confidence and less stress.


 Prepping for a role is emotionally demanding, and it’s often hard to know where your character ends and you begin. Coaching helps you channel the energy your character needs, while keeping protective boundaries for your own emotions and well-being. Through the power of mindfulness and other skills, you’ll be better able to to navigate the pressure that often comes with performing, and you’ll reacquaint yourself with your inner wisdom–the one who knows the choices that are best for you, not simply what others think is best.