Life Coaching

Let go of long-held fears and anxieties, embrace your creativity, cultivate stronger relationships with friends and family, and learn to love and embrace your authentic self. By identifying the source of your struggle, seeking acceptance, and learning resilience, you can finally embody and embrace the best version of you.


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Learn How to Navigate Life’s Biggest Changes

As infants, we begin learning trust. Will my needs be met? Can I trust that my voice will be heard? Growing up, we learn to show the parts of ourselves that receive praise and acceptance. And we push away the talents, skills, and aspects of our personality that aren’t as well-received. Life coaching helps you to have a deeper understanding of yourself and to realize that you not only have a story to tell but that you can be the author of your own story.

What Does Life Coaching Cover?

Finding your Story

Embark on a journey of self-discovery. What story am I telling myself and others? This is the first question we ask in life coaching.

And if you can’t find your story, we work together to check in with your emotions, calm the static, and unlock your inner wisdom and creativity. 

Authoring your Story

Become empowered. It can be liberating to realize that you have the power and inner wisdom to write your own story. You also face the question, “What needs to change?” Life coaching can help you figure out what needs to change, and what old belief systems you can begin to release.

You’ll have a safe space to experiment with new stories and behaviors as you discover what matters to you and create a life filled with authenticity and purpose.

Living your Story

Build resilience. Once you step through the threshold towards the life you love, you’re forever changed. But that doesn’t mean you forget who you were before the journey.

Life coaching helps you integrate the past, present, and future into a YOU that feels authentic and whole. All the tools and techniques you learn in our sessions are there for you in daily life, so that you can adjust with the ebbs and flows and create lasting change.