Individual Life Coaching

Let’s focus exclusively on you and your life goals

Individual change coaching is the most effective and expedient way to manifest the change you want, or to learn to navigate the change you weren’t expecting.

A unique membership model.

Think of it like a gym membership, but for getting your life in shape.

If you’ve ever hired a personal trainer, you know the power of accountability. Because of the nature of our work together, I recommend signing up for one of my membership packages, meeting biweekly or monthly, so that we can both commit to your goals and the time it takes to achieve them. 

What’s Involved


It all starts
with a conversation.

Our coaching relationship will start with a free 30-minute discovery session in which we get to know each other and you help me understand why you’re seeking coaching. If we both feel like it’s a good fit, then we’re off!

Commit to the time
because change doesn’t come easy.

After that, I recommend that we meet every other week for 50 minutes to evaluate your progress, identify obstacles, and make a plan for the next two weeks. Change isn’t easy – if it was, you wouldn’t be looking for help! – and it requires commitment over time. I recommend that you anticipate that manifesting the change you’re hoping to make will take us between six months and a year to achieve. Many clients decide to keep up with coaching, sometimes meeting monthly instead of biweekly, to make sure they don’t lose momentum.


And yes,
there will be homework.

In between our meetings, you’ll be able to log into a client portal where you can access notes from our session and homework as well. I’ll also follow up with you occasionally with gentle nudges if you need a little coaxing. It’s okay – I’ve got you, and you’ve got this!

Not ready to commit?

I get it. We barely know each other, after all. I also offer one-off meetings to new clients while we get to know each other. Let’s plan a call, and start getting clarity on your goals, and we can put a ring on it later. 

Wise and Wild

Wise and Wild

In this online group experience, you’ll learn ways to reframe the midlife crisis as a rewilding. You’re being called to reconnect with the Wise and Wild Woman within–to find out what she has to tell you about the values, beliefs, and opinions you’ve unconsciously absorbed from others throughout your life (such as the patriarchy), forgetting what truly lights up your Soul. Using a “summer camp” vibe, I’ll guide you through 6 different archetypal stories to help tuning inward feel like play

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How “Should” Keeps You Overwhelmed (and what to do about it)

How “Should” Keeps You Overwhelmed (and what to do about it)

The problem with shoulds is that they impose restrictive rules and disappointment on ourselves. We imply that something is inherently wrong with ourselves, and applying that shame can lead to low self-confidence and even depression. Spiraling in should shame keeps you locked in a loop of constantly needing to prove yourself through overwork. Eventually, you find yourself struggling to maintain the look of excellence, while inside you’re struggling to hold it all together. The result is complete imbalance and feeling pulled in every direction (but peace). You end up being oppressive rather than compassionate. 

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Shadow Work from the Ground(hog) Up

Shadow Work from the Ground(hog) Up

In this imaginative event, Gertie the Groundhog will take you deep into her burrow to teach you how she handles seeing her own shadow. Like Phil, she also dives down when she sees her shadow, but she uses that time to face her fears and really do the inner work. Six more weeks of winter is the perfect time to get still and really transform. So she’s the mascot for our training (I’m just the facilitator), and she’ll help you get answers to questions like: What is shadow work? Is shadow work scary?

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