Coaching Packages, Big and Small.

Whether you’re looking for coaching as a group or an individual, online or in-person, structured or self-paced – there is a program that will fit into your schedule and lifestyle needs.


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No matter what your needs, there’s a coaching program that’s right for you.

What format our coaching sessions take depends entirely on your needs and priorities. One-on-one sessions are ideal for most clients, but I’ve also found that small cohorts of people facing similar challenges can create a dynamic learning environment and a de facto support group that can sustain long and lasting change, as well. It’s also a fun way for families to commit to improvement, without the heaviness of family counseling.

Coaching can be done either face-to-face if schedules and location allow (I’m located in the Ft. Lauderdale/ Miami area!), or by way of web-based meetings using Zoom, allowing you to engage in coaching on your lunch break, or at home.

If you’re ready to embrace change, we can work together to develop the plan and package that’s right for you.

Which Coaching Type is Right for You?


In this model, it’s you, me, and the desire to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from living your best life. Through face-to-face or web-based sessions, we’ll develop and implement a personalized program that will help you unlock the power of resilience to achieve your next big goal – or goals!

Group Coaching

This approach is ideal for small teams – be they work groups, families, or friends all wanting to work together to level up their engagement with each other, their careers, or their families. Building off of shared experiences, we can identify ways a group can support each other through change – and save a few bucks while doing it.

Self-Paced Programs

Self-paced programs are course units designed to deliver targeted content on a particular topic in a short amount of time. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to move through the information at your own pace–all within my secure client portal so that my resources are right at your fingertips!