How to set goals
And keep them

Getting On Target – Smartly

Vision Boards. Resolutions. Summer Projects. We all set goals with the mindset that we are going to keep them (this time), but research shows that only 8% of people consistently achieve them. This self-paced course teaches you the science behind goal setting and walks you through the process of creating achievable goals that align with your values and support systems and helps you plan for the obstacles that may come your way.

Cost: $30

What to Expect

Plan for 3 weeks of work

Each program is broken up into 12 units, and most clients complete all units in about 3 weeks. Don’t worry, though. You have 60 days to complete each program if you need it! 

Wait. What’s a “unit”?

A unit might be a worksheet, an article or essay to read, a video to watch, an action item  – things like that. You can complete the items as you have time.  Most clients do one item a day (or one every few days), when they can make time, but you can also complete a handful of units on days when you can make the time!

All with a personal touch

Just  because  it’s self-paced and online doesn’t mean you won’t be hearing from me. As you complete your units, I’ll be reviewing them and offering pointers and suggestions when it’s appropriate.