Calming the Stress Monster, Part 1

Got Stress?

We all know that stress can have a negative impact on our physical and mental wellness, but how can we fit stress management into our hectic schedule? This series can help! Part 1 teaches you small steps to increase mindfulness, which can help keep your worry and stress at low levels. Part 2 focuses on teaching you skills to use ‘in the moment,” as you feel your stress levels rise.

Cost: $30

What to Expect

Plan for 3 weeks of work

Each program is broken up into 12 units, and most clients complete all units in about 3 weeks. Don't worry, though. You have 60 days to complete each program if you need it! 

Wait. What's a "unit"?

A unit might be a worksheet, an article or essay to read, a video to watch, an action item  - things like that. You can complete the items as you have time.  Most clients do one item a day (or one every few days), when they can make time, but you can also complete a handful of units on days when you can make the time!

All with a personal touch

Just  because  it's self-paced and online doesn't mean you won't be hearing from me. As you complete your units, I'll be reviewing them and offering pointers and suggestions when it's appropriate.