Coaching for Groups

Sometimes, sharing the work works

Small work teams, friend groups, and families can all benefit from a group coaching experience.

Collaborative Accountability.

Sometimes, working with peers experiencing the same challenges you are can offer profound benefits in a coaching experience. Shared accountability and the opportunity to meet in between official coaching sessions can create a fun and challenging dynamic that moves you toward your goals, all while sharing the cost of coaching.

What’s Involved

You build your group

A group of coworkers, your wine-drinking book club filled with new moms, or your family are the most likely places you’ll find a group of like minded people facing shared challenges. Ask around and see if anyone wants to join you for some serious self-improvement. Ideal group size is 2-5.

Schedule a Free Discovery Call

Working with a group requires that all of us are in alignment from the beginning. In this call, we’ll discuss the group coaching process and make sure that this is a good approach for each of you.

And we’re off!

Assuming this is a good fit for everyone involved, we’ll make a plan for frequency of our coaching sessions and how you might work together independently of me to move your goals forward in between our sessions. Cost will be dependent on frequency and size of group.


And yes,
there will be homework.

In between our meetings, all group members will be able to log into a client portal where you can access notes from our session and homework as well.