You Are a Wayfarer!

You are a lot like the Thinker in that you spend a lot of time looking inward. In fact, you might even call yourself a Thinker. Wayfarers put their first focus on how they feel within those thoughts, though. And since they live in a world where high achievers stuff down their emotions to succeed, they sometimes forget to feel those feelings. But look at all the other aspects of you. As a Wayfarer, you tend to use emotion words when you speak or describe things. In leadership, you have a high level of emotional intelligence and tend to lead with empathy and understanding. In athletics and the arts, your performance is wrapped up in how you feel–failure actually hurts. As a performer, for example, you may completely lose yourself in your art, and it’s that ability that also allows others to lose themselves in your performance, as well. It’s also what can make your art feel personal when it’s criticized. Finally, looking inward is a spiritual journey for you–one of self-awareness and insight. And you need ample time to decompress and reflect or you risk feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

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