Who is Group Coaching for Resilient Women for? 

This group is for women who have an inner voice that says, “You’re not good enough!” They spend hours ruminating on mistakes, avoid pursuing their goals because of fear and self-doubt, and stay silent in group settings because they don’t think they have anything important to say. 

But deep inside, they have the strength to stand up to that inner critic, have compassion for themselves, and learn skills for resilience and self-confidence. This group will give them the tools and strategies they need (all based on what research says is effective), and it has the added bonus of having supportive new friends to help members achieve their goals. 

This group is for women who are willing to be vulnerable with their peers so that they don’t feel so alone.

Has Dr. Corson facilitated groups before? Is she qualified?

I have a PhD in Human Development and Family Studies, which means that I am an expert in physical, cognitive, and social/emotional development over the ENTIRE lifespan (yep! from infants to older adults). My background is actually in educational and nonprofit leadership at the executive level, and I was also a tenure tract professor at both Louisiana Tech University and Penn State University for many years. That means I’ve led classes and groups for all ages on a variety of topics–I even taught pre-service teachers how to teach! 

How will the group be structured?

Each weekly session will be 60 minutes long. The group will start with the intention of lasting for 3 months, but we can re-evaluate as we get to the 3 month mark to see if we want to extend. Many times, people choose to continue because they’ve formed such a cohesive bond with each other and hold each other accountable. 

In between weekly calls, group members will have “homework” or material to read so that our calls will be focused mainly on discussion and goal setting. Members also have access to a discussion board and metric tools to help them measure their goal progress and keep each other accountable. You’ll have 24/7 access to the client portal, which is secure and meets international privacy standards. 

Curious what coaching can do for you?

Schedule your free 30 minute discovery session to find out if coaching is right for you. 

What is the minimum and maximum number of group members?

We want to keep the group small because it can be more interactive and impactful that way. Therefore, the group will consist of 5-8 members.

What’s the payment structure of the group?

Group is $99/month. Payment is due at the beginning of the month for the entire month. If you have to miss a session, even if you know about it ahead of time, you will still pay for the full month. Think of it like a gym membership. Your fee is paying to hold your membership open, regardless of how many times you actually go to the gym. If the group falls within a holiday or holiday weekend, we will discuss as a group what we want to do about rescheduling. 

You can actually save $30 total, if you pay for the 3 months upfront.

Don’t let self-doubt hold you back

Group coaching is a great way to work with peers facing the same challenges as you. Shared accountability and the opportunity to meet in between official coaching sessions can create a fun and challenging dynamic that moves you toward your goals. Plus, it can be budget friendly, since you are sharing the cost of coaching as a group. Read more about group coaching here.