An innovative, insightful journey to find your creative self

You’re a high achiever–ambitious, goal-oriented, disciplined, focused. You’re the one everybody goes to for advice, and you freaking love your job–or at least you used to.

But the workload, pandemic fallouts, and all the other mounting stresses that come with teaching have started to take their toll. Let’s be real. You’re actually considering not going back in the fall, aren’t you?

“I’ve forgotten why I started teaching in the first place”–Darla, middle school teacher

SPARK stands for Seeking Purpose, Alignment, Reflection, and Knowing.

We all have a creative self, but the rigors of daily life often cause us to set creativity aside in favor of “tried and true” approaches we use out of habit. These go to approaches work beautifully until…well, until they don’t… and we’re left feeling stuck, unmotivated, and even burned out.

Tapping into your creative self helps you find new, innovative solutions and wisdom directly from your unconscious–leaving you feeling more energized and remembering what you love about teaching!

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This isn’t your typical summer inservice workshop

Listen, I was a teacher. I started in early childhood, then moved to teaching 9th and 11th grade English at a low income public school, and later moved into administration before becoming a college professor. I know teaching, and I also know burnout. Let’s face it. There aren’t enough teacher’s lounge chair massages or casual Fridays in the world that can help when you’re feeling all the pressures teaching can bring.

I once went to an inservice where a hypnotist made one of my colleagues walk across the stage like a chicken. It was entertaining, for sure (though my colleague was mortified), but it did nothing to help with the fatigue, low mood, and constant fantasizing about quitting that hit me every time I walked through the door. And don’t even get me started about standardized testing days…

Seeking purpose, alignment, reflection, and knowing

SPARK is designed to help you turn inward and remember your playful self (yes, it’s in there). We won’t be using play to avoid those feelings of burnout. Instead, we are going to look those feelings in the face, give them grace and compassion, and then invite our sleepy creative selves to come to the surface and remind us of why we started teaching in the first place (because we loved it once upon a time).

We’ll use art, creative writing, mindfulness, and playfulness to get you a tiny bit out of your comfort zone and into that place of JOY again. You’ll have space to tune into your intuition and find wisdom for how to move through the creative blocks and into a space where you’ll feel more empowered and energized.

The hope is that during our time together, you will apply the principles and tools to something in your life (a project, an idea, a problem) so that this program will feel more tangible and practical for you. And you’ll know how to align your job with who you truly are inside, so that you feel less stressed and overwhelmed as you begin school in the fall.

But what about the practical stuff, you say? I’m a high achiever. I need support to help me move forward in my job, too!

The free 1:1 coaching call included with this program is there to help you flesh out that project in more detail. so that you’ll leave the group ready to go forward with a practical project that comes from a creative and joyful place in your heart.

Join SPARK for Educators. You’ll get

  • 4 weekly group coaching calls ($200 value)
  • A private, supportive, online community (intentionally tiny, set at 10 people max)
  • Resource library
  • A workbook for you to reflect and plan a new project for the fall ($20 value)
  • Bonus 1:1 coaching call to flesh out a specific project you want to implement with your students ($200 value)

All of this for $195. Having been a teacher, I know that you need value if you’re going to pay for a workshop, so I’m loading you with all the goodies to set you up for joy and success. Sign up here or contact me with any questions to see if you’re a good fit.

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