Making everyone happy

I love making people happy. In fact, I come from a long line of women who love making people happy. 


It’s impossible to get people’s approval all the time.

It makes me happy to make others happy, but it took me awhile to realize that it’s impossible to get people’s approval all the time. Until I believed that, I burned myself outand was crushed when my acts of kindness weren’t received well (or worse, when I found out people were talking behind my back). 

Read on for how I learned to be more self-full.

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Learning to let go of approval

When we get unhealthily hooked on having people’s approval (or needing everyone to like us), we will never be satisfied. We’ll exhaust ourselves trying to gain the impossible, and we will lose ourselves in the process. 

Making everyone happy all the time is impossible.

We can do kind things for others while still remaining self-full (honoring your own needs so that you can be there for others). We can give ourselves compassion when others are disappointed in us, realizing that we can’t be all things for all people. And we can remind ourselves that sometimes people’s criticism has nothing to do with us at all.

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