New! Online Coaching Group for Career Exploration

This online writing group is meant for those who are trying to make sense out of their career path. Group members receive weekly writing prompts and monthly group coaching, all within a creative, safe, supportive environment. See below for some Frequently Asked Questions about the group.

Perfect for anyone who is willing to place their thoughts on paper.


Who is Writing Your Career Story for?

This online writing group is for adults (18+) who crave personal growth and are re-imagining their future. This group is perfect for you if

  • You’re bored and looking for a career change
  • You want to make sense out of a career that’s taken unpredictable paths
  • You crave growth in your career
  • You’re a perfectionist or a procrastinator
  • Your personal values don’t match the values of your company
  • You want to balance lifestyle with making a living
  • You aren’t sure if your skills are even relevant anymore

Do I have to know how to write?

Absolutely not! This isn’t a graded class, and in fact, we aren’t even concerned with your quality of writing. In this group, you’ll learn how to look deeper into your story to find glimmers of truth and insight and patterns that you unconsciously operate from.

What can I potentially get out of this group?

  • Clarity: Weekly challenges and writing prompts to help you find meaning in your career and the threads that tie your story together
  • Coaching: Group coaching calls (1/mo) to help you gain clarity, overcome your inner critic, and learn to better tell your story (e.g., “sell yourself”)
  • Community: A private, supportive, judgment-free zone where  you can connect and discuss your experience with other members
  • Calm: Discover a new way to free up mental space and create moments of peace for yourself

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Curious what coaching can do for you?

Schedule your free 30 minute discovery session to find out if coaching is right for you. 

More details…

What’s the minimum and maximum number of group members?

An ideal coaching group is left open until it reaches 3-5 members.  

What’s the payment structure of the group?

Write your Career Story is $50/month for 3 months. Payment is due at the beginning of the month for the entire month. 

Studies show that people who journal about significant events report more satisfaction with their lives and better mental health than those who did not (MHA).

Writing your Career Story has the potential to impact your growth and help you tie the pieces of your career story together in to a narrative that shows exactly how valuable you are. Sign up here, or contact me with any questions.