Hi, I’m Karen

I’m excited to have the opportunity to post here today. I’ve known Dr. Kim for over 10 years now, since we both worked together in Houston. 

It’s ironic because back in Texas, my husband and I were the “young parents.” All of our friends were 10 or more years older than us. Now, in South Carolina, we are the “older parents” by about 10 years. With a new baby who is 12 and 16 years younger than her siblings, we get to raise her with lots more wisdom. That said, so much has changed in the past decade that we have to learn new ways of raising a baby in this new generation. We have to deal with dirty diapers and tricky teenage “traumas” all in one day.

No matter how old your children are, if you are a parent, you can relate to other parents.

One of the hardest parts of being a mom of a teenager is trying to navigate through the thin ice of emotions. My teen was feeling like she was not a good enough daughter/sister/student, and she was beating herself up about it. In turn, I felt like I had not done a good enough job as a parent to show my daughter that she IS good enough. My heart was broken to see my child struggling with feeling inadequate, and this opened the flood gates.

What helps?

I am thankful for my husband who continually reminds me that I’m doing a wonderful job as a mom and also for my daughter who only sees the best in her mom, even when she falls short on a daily basis. I also enjoy shopping kid-less and having girls night out with my friends. A little over a year ago, I started an Instagram account to document my home decorating ideas, and it’s been a fun outlet for me to showcase my loves.

It’s so important to have time for yourself.


***Karen lives in South Carolina and is the mom of 3 (newborn, 12, and 16). She loves decorating, crafting, and photography, and you can follow her on Instagram @stylethesteals. Stay tuned for more guest bloggers this month, as I highlight wonderful women navigating authentic, self-compassionate motherhood.***

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